Westminster Academy Seniors Close Out Their Untraditional Year on a High Note

Though they had to forgo dances and banquets, ceremonies and celebrations, the Westminster Academy class of 2020 did not have to pass up their numerous scholarship offers. Every single Westminster Academy senior of 2020 who is attending college this fall will do so on a scholarship! The combined senior class has accepted over $1.26 million in scholarship money over the next four years, which comes to an average of over $15,000 per student, per year.

Among the notable awards are Valedictorian Elizabeth Ann Hickman’s multiple scholarships to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She will receive the UT Volunteer scholarship, the Ned McWherter scholarship, and the Hope scholarship. She has been accepted into the College of Nursing and their Chancellor’s Honors Program, where she plans to study nursing. Of this unique end to her high school career, Elizabeth Ann said “In a practical sense, distance learning has taught me realistic time management and organization.  It’s been difficult having to keep up with all of our school work via computer, so being intent to get work done at the most suitable times has been a nice lesson to learn before college.” She also said that her entire time at Westminster has prepared her for this next phase of life by teaching her how to be intentional in community. “Because Westminster cultivates the community so well in such a special way, it has taught me to reach out to those I normally wouldn’t and spend time with students of all ages.  It has also shown me how to build a relationship with teachers.  Now going to college, I’m not worried about approaching my professors if needed.”

Salutatorian Sarah Teague will attend the University of Alabama on both the Tutwiler Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship, which will cover her full tuition. She is still considering her area of study, but says that her time at Westminster has empowered her to feel confident in who she is as she moves on to college. “Westminster has taught me how to defend my faith, understand why I believe something, and to think for myself. It has equipped me with the necessary tools to go out into the world and make the most of my college education.”

Again, all of the Westminster Academy class of 2020 who are attending college were awarded scholarships at their college of choice. They will be attending schools across the country, as listed below. 

Covenant College 
Christley Vaughn

The King’s College
Jack Keith

Maryville College
Rachel Semos

Middle Tennessee State University 
Jack Fontenot
William Tusant

Mississippi College
Leah Campbell
Grace Goforth
Harrison Ray

Mississippi State University
Josiah Bratton 

Samford University 
Sarah Genrty 

The University of Alabama 
Sarah Teague, Salutatorian 

The University of Memphis
Anna Funes
Hannah Jordan
George Myers
Grayson Nelms
Ella Wilson

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Elizabeth Ann Hickman, Valedictorian
David Weaver

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Sarah Singleton
Haleigh Sturman

Watkins College of Art in Belmont University
Scout Clowdus

United States Marine Corps
Justice Ivers

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