Teddy Roosevelt, Billy Graham, and Audrey Hepburn come to the sixth grade!

Mrs. Gibson and Mr. Read assigned biographies to their sixth grade classes before the close of the school year.  The students were asked to read a biography about someone from the twentieth century.  The sixth grade students chose the biographies of past presidents, actresses, scientists, musicians, and defenders of the faith.  Mrs. Gibson and Mr. Read asked the students to dress as their subjects on the day of the report.  All of the sixth graders gladly complied and were very accurate in their dress (and accents!).

bio1 bio4 bio6 bio7 bio8

The sixth graders’ biography subjects were all very diverse from a variety of backgrounds and professions.  Lainey Turner chose to report on one of her favorite people, the late puppeteer, Jim Henson.  Graham Hayes decided that author, Rudyard Kipling, was a very interesting author from India.  Hayes reported that Kipling did not know how to read until he was fourteen years old!  Will Dougherty chose Teddy Roosevelt and named him “our nation’s manliest U.S. President.”  Dougherty dressed as Roosevelt and reported that “Roosevelt survived an assassination attempt and insisted on giving a ninety minute speech with a bullet lodged in his chest.”  Marianna Jordan and Sullivan Baker, both reported on the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.  Jordan and Baker both sported the “Elvis sideburns” and signature gold sunglasses as they reported about the life and times of our most famous Memphis native.  This is one assignment that all sixth graders look forward to all year.  Thank you to Mr. Read and Mrs. Gibson for making sixth grade so much fun!