Westminster Teacher Selected as Resident Educator at George Washington’s Mount Vernon This Summer

Westminster Academy is proud to announce that Mrs. Kim Dougherty, fifth grade teacher, has been selected as a resident educator to the George Washington Mount Vernon Summer Program in Washington, D.C. this summer, in conjunction with the George Washington Teaching Institute. Mrs. Dougherty was selected and awarded a scholarship from a highly competitive body of applicants. Mrs. Dougherty will study our nation’s first president from his role as soldier to his time as commander-in-chief, as she will examine Washington’s personal writings and his military strategy under lead scholar, Dr. Christopher Pearl.
This professional development program will concentrate on using primary source analysis and immersive eighteenth century experiences with historical interpreters and subject matter experts. Mrs. Dougherty will spend her time exclusively on the grounds of Mount Vernon where she will live for her time involved in research and study. “I simply cannot wait to return to the classroom to share what I have learned with my new group of students and with educators in the Memphis area. Washington is a fascinating character and the more we learn about our nation’s first president, the more we understand about our nation’s beginnings.” stated Mrs. Dougherty. Mrs. Dougherty will travel to our nation’s capital over the July fourth holiday.