Rome wasn’t built in a day…

As we in Lower School build the foundational skills that lead to success in Upper School and in life, we keep in mind the ideal Westminster graduate: in the words of Quintilian, a 2nd century AD rhetoric teacher and philosopher, “a good man speaking well.” Rhetoric fills our school, and Latin class is no exception!

6th grade students have worked diligently on their Roman landmark group projects. First they read multiple articles about their landmark and outlined the information. Then they constructed a model and poster which they presented to their classmates, parents, and 3rd grade guests.

What lifelong skills did they practice? Time management. Curiosity. Collaboration. Imagination. Perseverance. Courage. Friendliness. Professionalism. Big picture thinking. Critique. Knowing your audience. Initiative. Leadership. So many skills were honed and, at the end of the day, students were so proud of the work they accomplished!