Westminster Students Chosen for St. Jude Symposium

Westminster students, Ethan Cox, Mary Banks Hickman and Sophie Tusant were nominated by science teachers Dr. Christopher Marino and Mrs. Mary Read to participate in St. Jude’s inaugural symposium for high school students interested in science and a science-related career. Once nominated, they were evaluated and then selected by St. Jude’s faculty and staff. Westminster students were among only 75 students chosen to participate.

Westminster Students at St. Jude
Eleventh graders Mary Banks Hickman and Ethan Cox, along with tenth grader Sophie Tusant

Our students, along with Dr. Marino spent the day at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to take part in the Science Scholars of Tomorrow Symposium which looked at how “the scientific method, as a means of problem-solving, is put into practice by St. Jude researchers”.

While there, the students toured some of St. Jude’s labs where they were able to see the scientists in action, hear from James R. Downing, M.D., St. Jude
president and chief executive officer, and discuss science related careers with faculty. One of the goals of this symposium was to encourage the importance of a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and demonstrate its extensive ability to aid in research.

Dr Christopher Marino and Westminster students
Dr. Christopher Marino joins Westminster students, Sophie Tusant, Mary Banks Hickman and Ethan Cox at St. Jude.