FundFair Carnival 2015!

You just can’t beat our students for having a great time!


Upper School students paired with Lower School friends in having a blast at FundFair Carnival this afternoon. With Mr. Kinney, Mr. Baker, and Mr. Dillon manning the dunk tank, Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Collins over at spin art, and a never-ending supply of WA tattoos, who couldn’t help but have a great day?

We are built to learn in love. We learn by loving our teachers, and so we insist on small class sizes. We learn by loving our classmates, and so we emphasize repentance and reconciliation over punishment. We learn by loving friends who are much younger and much older than we are, and so we purposefully plan times for Upper School students to play with, encourage, and care for our Lower School students. We learn by loving “that which is worth loving,” as we say in our definition of classical Christian education, and so we fill our school with the arts: choir, drawing, poetry, finger-painting, drama, sculpting, and ballet. Our heads learn when our hearts fall in love.

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