A,B,C…It’s the Annual Spelling Bee!

This week, students from 2nd -8th grade participated in the annual Westminster Academy spelling bee. The four students from each grade level who were chosen to represent their classes at the morning assembly were:

2nd Grade: Milo Dempsey, Ani Erdedi, Conner Jones, John-Wendell Raines

3rd Grade: Hannah Blatz, Lydia Hanzlik, Jaxson Jones, Bo Randall 

4th Grade: Ellis Johnson, Esaie Marino, Oliver Matthews, Wyatt Matthews

5th Grade: Ella Heilig, Wade Miller, Emma Storck, Asa Wells 

6th Grade: Maddie Gillentine, John Henry Given, Lana Heilig, Henry Lydecker 

7th Grade: Carson Baker, Georgia Dyess, Abby Finnell, Jack Williams

8th Grade: Jack Davis, Julia Dyess, Peyton Gabel, William Sherrod

Winner of the 2-4th category was 3rd grader Lydia Hanzlik with the word dissolute.

In the 5th-8th grade competition, students exhausted all of the 250 pre-studied words and had to move on to unforeseen words! The final four included 5th grader Ella Heilig along with Georgia Dyess, Carson Baker, and Will Sherrod. After a bevy of difficult words, the final two standing were Georgia Dyess and Carson Baker. Carson ultimately won with the word unsettling

Bravo to all of the competitors for their courage and hard work! 

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