Westminster Academy 2021 Seniors Awarded Over 4.5 Million in Scholarship Offers

Westminster Academy Class of 2021

While their senior year held many altered traditions, one fact that held true for the Westminster Academy class of 2021 was the abundance of scholarship offers these hardworking students received. The class of 32 students was offered in excess of 4.5 million dollars in scholarship money. The combined senior class accepted over $1.8 million in scholarship money over the next four years, which comes to an average of over $14,800 per student, per year.

Among the notable awards are Valedictorian Emma Gregory’s multiple scholarships to the University of Mississippi. She has received academic, leadership, and music scholarships and has been accepted into the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College where she plans to study music education. 

Salutatorian Ginny Fisher will attend the University of Mississippi on both merit and leadership scholarships, and she plans to study engineering.

This year’s senior class also boasts a National Merit Scholarship Finalist in Kendall Smith. She will be attending the University of Alabama and plans to study social work and political science on a pre-med track. 

2021 graduate Christian Ivers has chosen to enlist in the United States Marine Corps and Julianna May is going on a World Race Gap Year where she will serve in several countries over the course of the year. 

Almost all of the students received scholarships to their colleges of choice, and they will be attending schools across the country as listed below. 

Baylor University
Julia Jennings 

Christian Brothers University
Daniel Rhodes 
Lilly Whitehead 

Covenant College 
Trey Grant 

Hillsdale College 
Ruth Kirsch 

The King’s College
Haddon Jones

Mississippi State University
Nathan Deacon 
Annalise Ellard
Ginny Fisher, Salutatorian 
Sarah Cathryn Sheppard

Texas Christian University
Jack Laughlin 

The University of Alabama 
Kendall Smith, National Merit Finalist  

The University of Arkansas
Barbara Hale
Laney Hansen 

The University of Indianapolis
William Bell 

The University of Memphis
Catherine Baum
Ashley Phillips 
Ellie Yelverton 

The University of Mississippi
Emma Gregory, Valedictorian
Nathan Jones 

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Michelle Cole 
Caroline Cruse 
Emma Gibson
Mae Mae Reneau 

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville 
Caroline Carney 
Edmond Fakes
Katy Murphy 
Clay Smith, Army ROTC 

Wake Forest University
Jessa McElroy 

Wheaton College
John Saunders

Interested in learning more about Westminster Academy? Visit them at wamemphis.com/discover.

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