How are we teaching differently?

One of the greatest privileges of my role as Director of Admission is the time I have to visit with each prospective parent after they have toured our school. One question they often ask is “how is classical Christian education different?” Even after my five years here, I still sometimes stumble in my answer….. “Well, there’s this Trivium, you see?….. Seven liberal arts!……. Socrates!”

It can be difficult to explain the distinctions of classical Christian education because (as I now know after our required summer reading), we have a lack of a common language! We tend to use a lot of terms that our known to the classical Christian world, but may not be commonly understood. Using a “common language” is one of the laws of teaching outlined by Dr. John Milton Gregory in his book, “The Seven Laws of Teaching.” While not specifically classical in teaching, the seven laws provide guidelines that our teachers use in their classrooms.

Beginning this Monday, September 16, we will host a series of “Parent Education” sessions designed to unpack the book, the laws, and (most importantly) how our teachers apply the laws in their classrooms. For instance, did you know our 3rd graders pair with our Upper School students for the Greek Olympics? Do you know why? Do you know our students work through the design process of Brunelleschi’s Dome in calculus class? Do you want to know how they do it?

Come find out more about how Westminster Academy is unique and how we’re using classical Christian education to raise the next generation of faithful leaders.

Can’t wait to see you!

Elizabeth Perkins
Director of Admission & Marketing

Session 1, Intro & Law of the Teacher: Monday, September 16 @ 8:10 a.m.

Session 2, Law of the Learner: Thursday, September 26 @ 12:00pm (bring your lunch!)

Session 3, Law of the Lesson:  Wednesday, October 16 @ 12:00pm (witness the chariot decorating!)

Session 4, Law of Language: December 3 @ 8:10am

You can download and print the entire Westminster Parent Academy flyer here!