Four Houses, One Community

House systems have become increasingly popular among high schools in the last several years. While most exist to foster community and camaraderie, the house system at Westminster Academy is about so much more than social time and house pride.

When we dig in, we find the intentional cultivation of virtues and leadership opportunities for students. Their primary goal is to foster relationships that transcend grades and academics, allowing students to be better cared for and to better care for others. A by-product of this intentionality and the mission of the house system at Westminster is the cultivation of five cornerstone virtues in the hearts of students and faculty.
These virtues are:
Virtus (Courage)
Comitas (Friendship/kindness)
Gravitas (Responsibility)
Hilaritas (Cheerfulness)
Pietas (Devotion)

“I absolutely love being able to visibly see the Lord work in [our students] in ways such as developing the virtues in their hearts,” said Becket House Captain EA Hickman. “It’s really cool to oversee the process as their captain, but also experience it side by side with them. And even though it’s a lot of work, it’s worth it!”
Over the course of the year, students will compete in various challenges in the hopes of taking home the house cup. Events such as the music challenge, field day, change for change, and the art challenge are given a set number of points, and the house with the most accrued points at the end of the school year is named the winner.

The House Captains for the 19-20 school year are:
Athanasius – Ella Wilson
Becket – EA Hickman
Boniface – Anna Funes
Columba – Christley Vaughn

May all Westminster students strive to embody the five cornerstone virtues of the house system as they grow together and spur each other on through friendly competition!