Secret Santa is More than Fun and Games

During Westminster Academy’s fall break, hurricane Michael hit the panhandle of Florida leaving a devastating wake of destruction in its path. One victim of the mass destruction was Covenant Christian School, an ACCS classical Christian school in Panama City.

Westminster Academy Headmaster Ralph Janikowsky happened to be in the panhandle of Florida for fall break, and by divine intervention, ran into the headmaster of Covenant, Mr. Michael Sabo, while visiting Covenant Presbyterian Church for Sunday worship. As a result of that chance meeting, a partnership of prayer and support was formed between Westminster Academy and Covenant Christian School. The beginning of the support came immediately after the hurricane hit, when Mr. Janikowsky urged the Westminster community to consider donating to help Covenant get back on its feet after the destruction of their buildings and property. The community answered his call and raised nearly $6,000 towards building and school supplies for Covenant.

The Westminster Academy student body was also moved to participate in helping, and as a result, they chose to have their donations from this year’s Secret Santa event benefit the faculty, staff, and students of Covenant. While the school is slowly rebuilding, many of the families who attend or work there are still dealing with destruction in their homes when they return from school each day. And so, the gifts from Secret Santa were meant to help ease their burdens at home, and bring some joy to their days as they continue to persevere through the clean-up efforts.

Please continue to pray for the community of Covenant Christian School as they start their second semester of school.