Westminster Academy Students Impress at 2018 Youth In Government Conference

Eleven Westminster Academy students participated in the 2018 YMCA High School Youth in Government Conference in Nashville from April 12-15. The students were: Jake Hickman, Louise Klinke, Spencer Hayes, Max Baker, Elijah Fisher, Jack Keith, Sarah Singleton, Sarah Teague, George Myers, Caroline Carney, and Kendall Smith.
Two students were given the honor of serving as officers this year. Jake Hickman was the Lt. Governor of the White Senate and Louise Klinke was the Speaker Pro-Temp for the White Senate.
All of the students had a spectacular showing with all four of Westminster’s delegations’ bills passing committee. Further, Westminster students received several conference awards. Kendall Smith was chosen as an Outstanding Statesman in the Blue Senate, and for the third consecutive year, Jake Hickman was selected to attend CONA (Committee on National Affairs) to represent the state of Tennessee. Only 25 students from across the state are given this honor.
Two bills from Westminster students were awarded the distinction of Outstanding Bill: Jack Keith and George Myers in the White House, and Kendall Smith and Caroline Carney in the Blue Senate.
In addition, two Westminster students were awarded positions for next year’s conference: Sarah Teague, Sergeant at Arms in the Red Senate; and Jack Keith, Sergeant at Arms in the White Senate.
“I am so very proud of all of the students who participated in this year’s conference!” said Faith Shaunak, Westminster Faculty Advisor for YIG.