Hieroglyphics, Pyramids, and History Come Alive at the Egyptian Feast

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The second-grade students at Westminster Academy celebrated their study of ancient Egypt with a magnificent Egyptian feast last week. Bringing history alive with the feast helps to engage the students and solidify the lessons they’ve learned so far this year. “It has been my experience that second graders get very excited about all things Egypt,” said Mrs. Boyd. “Mighty pharaohs and magnificent pyramids truly engage the imagination.” To help bring some of their lessons to life, the students used several pieces of their class artwork, including hieroglyphic banners and paintings of Egyptian people, as decorations for the event. There were also activities and games, including pyramid building and “mummification”.

At the start of the feast the 2nd grade students presented the history song that they’ve been learning since the beginning of the year. The history song helps tie together Old Testament history with recorded history from other civilizations. As Mrs. Boyd explains, “Because students at WA study history in chronological order and ancient Egypt is the oldest recorded civilization, second graders learn about this fascinating culture.  History begins, of course, with Creation and second grade studies begin there.  God in His wisdom ordained that Egypt would play an important role in many of the stories in Genesis.  Second graders learn to connect what God is doing in the lives of His people with what He is doing in ancient Egypt.” As with all lessons at Westminster, the teachers have done a great job of explaining how students can spiritually learn and grow from their studies. “Ancient Egyptian culture is an illustration of how we are glorious ruins,” says Mrs. Boyd. “Learning about it becomes an opportunity to better understand and love our good and merciful God.”