Axis Culture Translator Event

Members of the AXIS group came to Westminster Academy last week to conduct an in-service with students from the Upper School. During the sessions, students explored the implications of technology on their daily lives, and how to live according to God’s commandments while also living in this fallen world.

Logan, Reesey, Jason, and Courtney, who were the members of AXIS leading the morning at Westminster, were knowledgeable, vulnerable, and relatable. In sharing their stories of past struggles with the students, they opened the door to some great discussions and introspection from the Upper School participants.

They challenged the students to explore some difficult topics throughout the morning, including social media, music, television, and video games. They also noted how all of pop culture tends to influence and shape our mental framework, even when we are not conscious of it. Some of the discussions centered around quotes from people ranging from theologians to movie directors, and during the afternoon, students participated in break-out sessions with their houses.

One of the stats that Logan opened their presentation with was that “nearly 60% of all teens walk away from their faith after high school.” One of their goals is to equip the students with some perspective in order to solidify their faith, to show them the bible as the story of God’s love, instead of as a list of rules. The hope is that this day was an impactful and meaningful time for the students of our community to draw from for their future questions and struggles.

In the evening, the AXIS group met with parents from the Westminster community to conduct a “Culture Translator” session. This one-hour presentation helped parents understand the world their students inhabit, while equipping them with the resources and knowledge needed to start meaningful conversations about faith, technology, media and culture.

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