House Opening Ceremony

Four houses, all alike in dignity, in fair Westminster, where we lay our scene…

OK, it’s not exactly inspired by Shakespeare, but the tradition of the house system is one with deep roots and even deeper enthusiasm across the student body. Since opening the houses in the fall of 2007, Westminster has emphasized and encouraged healthy competition through the house games, oral presentations, and dramatic plays. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the tradition and is one that WA hopes to continue long into the future.

“The House System is an integral part of student life at Westminster Academy for a few reasons, most of all its ability to nurture the community and culture of the Upper School,” said Mr. Adam Woods, Head of Upper School. “Being grouped into four houses allows students and faculty to develop close relationships within the houses, and an opportunity for student leadership development from competition between houses. From my time as a House Master, I always appreciate how much the House System allows our upperclassmen to not only interact with, but also develop mentoring relationships with younger students in the Upper School.”

Over the course of the year, students will compete in various challenges in the hopes of taking home the house cup. Events such as the rhetoric challenge, field day, drama challenge, and the art challenge are given a set number of points, and the house with the most accrued points at the end of the school year is named the winner. Last year, Columba broke Boniface’s three-year winning streak when they were awarded the house cup.

As part of this year’s opening ceremony, the new house captains received their charge for the year to “bring honor to their houses and glory to Christ.”

The House Captains for the 17-18 school year are:

Athanasius – Spencer Hayes

Becket – Jake Hickman

Boniface – Luke Bolton

Columba – Sophie Tusant

During the ceremony, Headmaster Janikowsky challenged the students to make the most of the house system. “It is an opportunity for all of you to struggle, to endure, to get involved, and to place your faith into action,” he said.” “Get involved, get in the arena, and enjoy a great year!”