Back to School

“Westminster Academy, the Bible is our truth; Inspired Word of God, it is our absolute” – Lift High the Cross, The Westminster Academy School Song

Among the pencils, dividers, folders, and pens there is that most important school supply when beginning the new year at a classical school. No, not the elusive 2” d-ring binder with clear front pocket. Not the paper folder with pockets, no brads. Not even the history cards in their individual sleeves to be used year after year. No, the most important thing on that long list of supplies? The Bible. As we sorted school supplies before the start of the year, I asked my daughter, “Where is your school Bible?” And she answered so straightforwardly, “Oh, we moved them up to our 4th grade rooms already so that no one would lose them over the summer.” Of course! Because at Westminster the most important thing going into the school year is that the Word of God is present in each and every classroom. It is the foundation of all that we teach, all that we hold true, all that we strive to instill in the students’ hearts and minds.

In the opening assembly this morning, Headmaster Janikowsky noted, “Honoring God is really what a classical Christian school is all about.” And we honor God by placing His Word at the center of our school, lives, friendships and families. Mr. Janikowsky further challenged the students to live out the good Word by learning Christian rhetoric, orienting their hearts with real humility, and building robust relationships with their fellow students and community.

The senior class of 2018

And so, we embark on another year, when pencils will be sharpened to nubs, dividers will be filled with worksheets, and that d-ring folder will make more trips back and forth to the school than my mini-van. But we know that ultimately, the Word of God being poured into our children by the faculty on a daily basis is what will lead our children to “glorify God and fully enjoy Him forever.”