Welcome to our new (and returning) Student Ambassadors!

If you weren’t aware, Westminster is unique in our use of student ambassadors. We send every possible prospective parent on a tour with our student ambassadors (sometimes, class gets in the way!). When parents return, I spend time answering any additional questions, but we want prospective families to really hear from the students. To that end, ambassador selection is a rigorous and difficult process to narrow down the applicants to only 18 selected ambassadors. I asked Hope Howard, our lead student ambassador, to write a little about the process and to introduce this year’s group. — Elizabeth S. Perkins

Written by Hope Howard, lead ambassador:

Being a student ambassador at Westminster is a distinct privilege for our students. The position of student ambassador is an application-only process that is open to sophomores through seniors. This year we have a mixture of several new ambassadors and many returning ambassadors. All of our ambassadors start the application process by receiving a booklet of factual information about the school. They are required to review this information thoroughly, and then they are given a written test on the facts. After the test, each ambassador candidate gives a practice tour to our admissions director. Once this process is finished, the ambassadors for the upcoming year are chosen. I am extremely excited to begin this new school year as the lead ambassador and one of the eighteen students chosen to represent the school. At our first meeting, the ambassadors were given a questionnaire in order for us to get to know the new ambassadors better. Here are some of the responses that we received.


We have ambassadors that represent all four houses, with two ambassadors that are House Captains. Of our nine seniors, four are thirteen year students; meaning that they have been at Westminster from kindergarten through senior year. Combined, our ambassadors have attended Westminster for 176 years.

Our ambassadors are multi-talented and well-rounded students. They are involved in all kinds of extracurricular activities. We have ambassadors that are a part of All-Southwest Tennessee Honor Choir, Artists’ Guild, Ballet, Basketball, Bel Canto (WA’s select ensemble), Boy Scouts, Cross Country, Electronic Music Production, WA Literary magazine, Mock Trial, WA Newspaper, Recycling Committee, Service Project Committee, Soccer, Spirit Committee, Student Government, Swimming, Tutoring both inside and outside WA, Volleyball, Wordsmith, Youth in Government, Yearbook, Youth Groups all over Memphis, as well as many more.