Fruit of Character

Text taken from the speech given by Lisa Hilliard and Elizabeth Peckham, 1st grade teachers

Mrs. Hilliard (left) and Mrs. Peckham

What is it that sustains a child, an adult, a family?

It is not accomplishments, material possessions, health, or significance. It is character. Character isn’t something we simply inherit and then pass on to our children. Our Fruit of Character program is a day set aside for the specific purpose of encouraging our precious first graders as they grow in character, bearing fruit that praises God and blesses others.

Fruit Bowl

Inside this fruit bowl, we see different kinds of fruits, with different colors, textures, sizes, and flavors; but each one was created by our creator, God. I would not dare stand before you and say which one our Lord would say is the best, because they are all useful and have a purpose in His kingdom. They all nourish us, and just as fruit nourishes our body, the fruits of character we have seen and studied in Jesus’ life are tools that God uses, through us, to nourish and encourage ourselves, and others in our lives.When we put together all the fruits of character, we see a beautiful portrait of our sweet Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Fruits of Character celebrated by Westminster include:

  • Discernment: “Able to see things as they really are”

  • Self-Control: “Doing something even when I don’t feel like it”

  • Patience: “Waiting with a happy heart”

  • Responsibility: “Doing what I know I ought to do”

  • Wisdom: “Thinking God’s way”

  • Diligence: “Working hard to accomplish a task”

  • Obedience: “Doing exactly what I’m told to do, when I’m told to do it, with a happy heart”

  • Generosity: “Sharing what I have with a happy heart”

  • Attentiveness: “Listening with your eyes, ears, and heart”

  • Thankfulness: “Being grateful and saying so”

  • Contentment: “Happy with what I have”

  • Joyfulness: “Happy inside and out”

  • Love: “Unselfishly meeting another’s need”

  • Honesty: “Truthful words and ways”

  • Tenderheartedness: “Strong enough to feel the hurts and joys of others”

  • Faith: “Believing God will do what He says”

  • Forgiveness: “Treating someone as though they never hurt me”

  • Loyalty: “Supporting someone even when the going gets tough”

  • Orderliness: “Everything in its place”

  • Initiative: “Making the first move without being asked”

  • Humility: “Becoming less, so Jesus and others can become more”

  • Tolerance: “Accepting others, even if they are different”

  • Creativity: “Doing something in a new way”

  • Meekness: “Patience without anger”

The Fruit of Character program was such a special time to gather together and celebrate the gifts God has given each of our 1st grade children. We are so thankful for teachers who can see these qualities in our children’s hearts. So very blessed at Westminster Academy. To God be the glory for these little children, their families, and our teachers.

The Westminster Academy Class of 2026