Proelium Artium

(or…the Art Challenge)

Issued by Becket House

In an effort to build the overall culture and create history and tradition within our houses and to promote healthy competition between the houses, Becket House issued the Fourth Annual Art Challenge to all houses.  The following is a description of the challenge. This year’s medium was drawing and painting only.  All work was to be original.

Each entrant was to submit a finished work of art, the subject of which is the namesake of his house.   It may be of a significant place in the life of the person, a significant symbol in his life, an event in the life of the Namesake, or it can be the person himself.  The work could be in any style, including, but not limited to, classic, modern,  or abstract, with the exception of digital, or any style which requires the use of another’s images or work.  The work could be executed in any medium of the artist’s choice (charcoal, pen and ink, oil, acrylic, water color, pastel, etc…).  It could be executed on canvas, paper, wood, or linen.  Entrants were not to copy any images already in existence (i.e. you could not copy a famous window in a church, or copy any paintings of the namesake, etc…).   Photographs and images may be used for reference only.

Each piece included an artist’s statement which was a well-developed description of the concept being communicated. The artist’s statement was judged along with the work submitted.

Entrants were not to copy, trace, transfer, or otherwise reproduce any work through mechanical or other means.  The work must be solely that of the artist(s).  Faculty and Alumni may act as advisors to the contestants but may not help, in any way, in the execution of the work.  The artist could choose to work by himself or be a part of a group.  No entrant was allowed to work in more than one group.  There was no limit to the number of entrants from each house, or the size of a group.

The winner was judged by a secret panel of judges and the decision of the judges was final.  In addition to the judge’s choice there will be a People’s Choice Award which was chosen by the upper school student body. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on May 13.

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The award winners were:

  • Sarah Gentry (House Boniface) and John Garrett (House Becket) tied for 1st place
  • Grace Goforth (House Boniface) received 3rd place
  • Pender Wells (House Becket) received 4th place

Congratulations and well done, all!