Head of School Search Update

A message from Tim Keith

Dear Westminster Community,

Your Head of School Search Committee is pleased to present the recently completed Search Introductory Video and the Head of School Opportunity Profile.  We hope you will review these, pray for the search, and forward the links to potential candidates you think may be qualified and interested in this important role.  Our search firm, JobfitMatters, has already made contact with and confirmed interest from a wide range of quality candidates.

In the summer of 2014, Debbie Frazier made the transition from Head of Lower School to Interim Headmaster. Debbie’s steady hand, attention to detail and passion for our school has been exactly what Westminster has needed. We believe that God is using Debbie’s particular gifts and talents to lead Westminster in a uniquely effective way. Debbie’s impact on our students, community and culture will reverberate for many years to come. With that said, Debbie is eager to return to her former role as God leads us in identifying our future leader. We believe that the distinct mission of Westminster, as outlined in the Opportunity Profile, has never been more important. It is not sufficient for faith to be merely an appendage to our students’ lives. We must strive to equip them to engage the culture with a fully integrated and articulated understanding of truth. The Westminster community is unified in this mission and seeks a leader who shares this passion.

We encourage you to view the Introductory Video by clicking below:

and then read through the Opportunity Profile found on the JobfitMatters and Westminster websites:

WA OP Thumbnail

If you know anyone interested in pursuing this opportunity, please share this information with them. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Coverstone (615-261-4623) or Ed Poff (860-983-0367), the JobfitMatters Consultants who are assisting Westminster Academy in this search.


Tim Keith, Chairman of the Board