Senior Spotlight: Alicia Bell

Favorite Subject: French

Favorite book read at WA: The Horse and His Boy

Favorite WA tradition: Graduation

Senior Thesis Title: 
Counseling: The key foundation to a schools structure 

Senior Thesis Statement: 
Counselors should be considered as a key subject to the overall structure and foundation of a school. They not only connect students to their academics but they connect teachers to students. They also connect parents to their students as well as the administrators.

Brief Description of Senior Thesis: 
My thesis argues for the importance of counselors in schools. It dives into the benefits while also highlighting the burden and struggle that comes from being a counselor. I believe that counselors are key to the success of students in all stages of their education.

Post Graduation Plans: 
To study pre-veterinary chemistry at the University of North Texas 

What advice or encouragement would you give to younger students at Westminster?
Don’t give up

Please share a funny memory or highlight from your time at Westminster:
My favorite memory was when Glenys, Camille, Rachel, and I skipped PE but got caught. This is how it all unfolded. So we were playing badminton and it was super boring so all decided to dip while the teacher wasn’t looking. We literally went to the fireside room right next door and just sat there and talked for like 15 mins. Then all of a sudden Abby slams through the door and says, ” OOOHHHH you’re in trouble!” We were so confused but when we left the room and met up with Coach Helton he was furious. He was screaming at us saying we were disrespecting his class by missing it, but really he was just mad because he got in trouble for not controlling and keeping up with his class. The only reason he found out I was gone was because my mom called the school and wanted to take me out for a mother daughter date. We laugh about it every time it comes to mind.

Favorite Bible Verse: 
“The Lord stood by me and gave me strength” (2 Tim 4:17).

Prayer Request: 
Please pray that I may have a successful and fulfilling career.

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