Westminster Academy Golf Teams Wrap Up Inaugural Season

This year, Westminster Athletics added golf to the roster of sports available at the school. The golf program consisted of four teams for the first year, middle school and high school boys and girls, and all of them had great initial outings. The teams and individual players proved to be competitive in a field of schools with much older programs, and all of the teams improved across the season. The players, parents, and coaches expressed they are looking forward to growing the program in coming years.

But why golf?
According to Mr. Gillentine, coach of our middle school ladies golf team, athletics are an amazing way to put the principles learned in class into action. Mmore specifically, golf requires intense integrity, as players must keep their own score, and call penalties on themselves. Having played golf myself, I can testify how much patience golf requires, and I know all of our golfers have gained patience from playing the sport! Golf is also very practical for a small school like Westminster, as it doesn’t require too many players. But I would argue that this is more than just a practicality, as it promotes close friendships and team spirit.

What is the goal for our golfers?
Apart from the obvious goal of being excellent golfers and building strong golf foundations, the goal of our golf team is to glorify God. Mr Gillentine says that “if you work hard and practice and play hard during matches, then regardless of the score we should celebrate what we’ve done.”

How the golfers have grown:
Mr. Gillentine says that our golfers have grown tremendously over the season. They have learned to work hard and play well with opposing teams. They have experienced the ups and downs of golf, and beat their personal records. But while the golfers played well, golf is just one of God’s tools to make these excellent players more like him, and bring them closer to him.

Team Rosters
Middle School Girls:
Coach Ed Gillentine
Mullin Gillentine
Clara Ivey
Janey Fletcher
Lily Doriot


Middle School Boys:
Coach Steve Piacentini
Pierce Matthews
Austin Noble
Elijah Ozier
Tanner Phillips
Jackson Pieratt
Parker Tenent

High School Girls:
Coach Nate Smith
Emma Hays Gibson
Lily Teague
Julia Whitehead
Lilly Whitehead

High School Boys:
Coach Will Frazier
Sam Besh
Jon David Gibson
Austin McAnanly
Jacob Orellana
Eliot Walker