Applications, Essays, Exams…College Prep at Westminster

On September 9th, the Class of 2020 congregated in the school library with the heads of college guidance for a day of working towards the future by way of college applications, essays, letters of recommendation and more. But the foundations for this day of college prep work were laid long before the first application was started.
The Westminster community is distinguishable by many factors, including the unwavering support of faculty and staff through years of exposure to the true, the good, and the beautiful. The new seniors are happy to report that this willingness to support students has continued as we look to the next step in our education journey. The teachers, and those involved with college guidance especially, are excellent resources for assistance in navigating the process, and are more than willing to help with recommendations, essay editing, and general moral support. The seniors feel more than lucky to be encouraged by such a faculty, many of whom taught us for many years, before we find ourselves apart from this community next year.

College consideration is daunting, with decisions and deadlines looming ahead and a sense of uncertainty regarding what is to come. Fortunately, our high school experience has prepared us well to handle the multifaceted process that is the season of applications. A foundation of rhetoric, logic, and theology has given us the necessary tools for communication with university officers, for well reasoned application essays, and for a worldview which will, by the grace of God, continue to flourish in each of the seniors after graduation. Universities appraise each applicant, but often admit those who have been taught to think clearly and reason well, and as my classmates and I receive our application responses, we see that our education is already positively impacting us outside of Westminster’s walls. Many of us have spent all of high school, all of upper school, or even the last thirteen years of our lives receiving this classical education, and as we begin to think more concretely about leaving our haven and entering into the future, it is reassuring to know that neither our foundations nor our community will leave us to flounder.