Westminster Academy Students Make Impressive Impact at 2019 Youth In Government Conference

This past weekend, Westminster Academy’s 15-member delegation journeyed to the Youth In Government Conference in Nashville. Many of these participants received accolades and the entire group had a great showing.

  • Five of the six bills presented by Westminster delegates passed committee and were then argued in full chambers.
  • A bill written by Jack Keith, Max Baker, and Catherine Keith passed in both the House and the Senate.
  • A bill written by Jack Laughlin, Ashley Park, and Graham Hayes was given special recognition by the governor, passed the House and the Senate, and was signed into law and given an award for “Outstanding Bill.”
  •  A bill drafted by Kendall Smith, Jessa McElroy, and Emma Hays Gibson was given an award for “Outstanding Bill.”
  • Max Baker and Kendall Smith were recognized with “Outstanding Delegate” awards.
  • Max Baker was also selected as an alternate to serve as a part of TN’s delegation to the Committee on National Affairs.
  • Sarah Teague was selected to serve as the Speaker Pro Temp of the Red Senate at next year’s conference.

    Sarah Teague, selected to serve as Speaker Pro Tempore of the Red Senate, 2020

Bravo to all who participated in this enriching experience!