Have You Met the Westminster Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors?

As the admission season moves into full swing at Westminster, take a moment to meet our Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors!

The Ambassador program at Westminster Academy allows select students to represent the school during special school events, on guided tours with prospective parents, and at select off-campus activities in the community. Very nearly every tour with a prospective parent is conducted by a student ambassador, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Students apply and are chosen based on the belief that they represent well the hopes and aspirations of the school for all of its students.
The Ambassadors for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Leah Campbell – Lead Ambassador

William Bell, Annie Bolton, Leah Campbell (Lead Ambassador), Caroline Carney, Gibby Fakes, Elijah Fisher, Anna Funes, Sarah Gentry, Emma Gregory, Barbara Hale, EA Hickman, Jack Keith, Ben Nelms, Harrison Ray, Sarah Renshaw, Sarah Singleton, Sarah Teague, William Tusant, Christley Vaughn, Sally Walker, and David Weaver.

This year, we are pleased to introduce the Junior Ambassador program to accompany our Ambassador program. This partner program aims to provide opportunities for students in 6th-8th grade to hone their leadership abilities and to sharpen their interpersonal skills. These students will interact with members of the Memphis area mainly through children’s events and community outreach. The inaugural class of Jr. Ambassadors was chosen by a combination of teacher recommendation, written application, and final selection by the school administration.

The students chosen to represent WA as Jr. Ambassadors for the 18-19 school year are:
Jimmy Besh, Robert Dawkins, Lily Doriot, Reid Gentry, Timothy Gregory, Carnes Herrin, Savannah McElroy, Emily McKelroy, Emma Newman, Sophia Pereyra, Eden Rainer, Lucy Spires, Henry Walker, and Je Je Warner.

While these students are great examples of what it looks like to be diligent, hardworking, and well-spoken, they also have fun personalities and some quirky preferences. We thought it would be fun to share some fun and interesting facts about the Ambassadors.

Sarah Gentry

We have FOUR Ambassadors named Sarah, and we have two sets of siblings between the Ambassadors and Jr. Ambassadors: Sarah & Reid Gentry and Emma & Timothy Gregory. When asked about their favorite thing at Westminster, most of them mentioned the amazing community and houses, but Sally Walker said “Our opening and closing assembly!! The houses, the small class sizes, the teachers!! I can’t pick!”

Sally Walker

The overall favorite subject was History, which six of the Ambassadors named as their pick, followed closely by Rhetoric. These students have hopes of attending schools across the country from Furman and Auburn to Wheaton and George Washington, but more than half of them mentioned that they are considering attending Mississippi College.

When asked about their favorite book, tv show, or movie, the answers ranged from Wuthering Heights (Emma Gregory) and A Tale of Two Cities (Sarah Singleton) to “any Disney Channel original move” (Leah Campbell) and Avatar (Jack Keith). Two Ambassadors, Emma Gregory and Sarah Singleton, have favorite songs by Simon & Garfunkel, while Harrison Ray chose “Yours” by Russell Dickerson.

Elijah Fisher

As for the future, Sally Walker said that she could see herself being a nurse at St. Jude in 10 years, and Elijah Fisher said he hopes to be “married, with kids, working at a law firm practicing constitutional law.”

When asked what they would change about the world, many had great answers such as everyone being more kind or open minded towards Christians, but Annie Bolton had the most practical answer saying that she would “eliminate all mosquitos because I love being outside and they make me very upset.”

Annie Bolton

We are quite lucky to have such a wonderful student body at Westminster, and we are excited to allow these Ambassadors to represent WA to the greater community!