Why Houses?

The houses at Westminster are an intentional, cohesive, inter-class grouping of students. Their primary goal is to foster relationships that transcend grades and academics, allowing students to be better cared for and to better care for others. The houses provide not only an increased feeling of identity and belonging, but they also provide students with a sense of tradition and leadership opportunities that might not be available at schools without the system.

“Being grouped into four houses allows students and faculty to develop close relationships within the houses, and an opportunity for student leadership development from competition between houses,” said Mr. Adam Woods, head of Upper School.

Rooted in the British tradition of boarding school dormitory houses, the House System is designed to foster competition and camaraderie amongst students. On the surface, it seems as though competition and camaraderie are at odds with one another, but in fact, the House System at Westminster is able to foster and encourage both.

“The house system creates a whole new atmosphere for creativity, leadership, talent, growth, success, failure, competition, unity, fellowship, and so much more,” said Annie Bolton, Boniface house captain. “It gives students something bigger than themselves to be a part of so that they can learn how to sacrifice and serve others as they work together.”

Over the course of the year, students will compete in various challenges in the hopes of taking home the house cup. Events such as the music challenge, field day, change for change, and the art challenge are given a set number of points, and the house with the most accrued points at the end of the school year is named the winner.
The House Captains for the 18-19 school year are:
Athanasius – Sally Walker
Becket – Clara Halford
Boniface – Annie Bolton
Columba – Ashton Storey

“Being house captain means so much to me because of the unique opportunity it gives me,” said Annie Bolton. “It gives me the ability to serve my house as those in my house have served me. It gives me the ability to love so many different and amazing people each day, and it gives me the opportunity to support our sweet community.”

May all Westminster students strive to embody this same attitude as they grow together and spur each other on through friendly competition!