First Graders Celebrated at Fruit of Character Ceremony

One of the most precious events during a student’s time in the Grammar School is the Fruit of the Character Assembly. Many parents will tell you that it is their favorite tradition among the younger grades. And most students, even through Upper School, can still recall which fruit of the character was bestowed upon them by their first-grade teacher. During the ceremony, students are recognized for having displayed one of the fruits of the character in their interactions throughout the year. The event holds significance because it is soul-affirming. It is not about performance or aptitude, but about building up each child’s individual strengths, and encouraging them to pursue character qualities that do not come naturally. What a sweet way to celebrate these first-grade students!

The Fruits of Character
Discernment: Able to see things as they really are
Self-Control: Doing something even when I don’t feel like it
Patience: Waiting with a happy heart
Responsibility: Doing what I know I ought to do
Wisdom: Thinking God’s way
Diligence: Working hard to accomplish a task
Obedience: Doing exactly what I’m told, when I’m told, with a happy heart
Generosity: Sharing what I have with a happy heart
Attentiveness: Listening with your eyes, ears, and heart
Thankfulness: Being grateful and saying so
Contentment: Happy with what I have
Joyfulness: Happy inside and out
Love: Unselfishly meeting another’s need
Honesty: Truthful in words and ways
Tenderheartedness: Strong enough to feel the hurts and joys of others
Faith: Believing God will do what He says
Forgiveness: Treating someone as though they never hurt me
Loyalty: Supporting someone even when the going gets tough
Orderliness: Everything in its place
Initiative: Making the first move without being asked
Humility: Becoming less, so Jesus and others can become more
Tolerance: Accepting others, even if they are different
Creativity: Doing something in a new way
Meekness: Patience without anger