Boniface House Named Winner of 2018 Art Challenge

The House art challenge recently took place, giving Upper School students an opportunity to win house points and bragging rights based on their artistic presentations. In the challenge instructions the students were given the guidelines that each entrant was to submit a finished work of art, the subject of which is the namesake of his house.  The piece could be of a significant place in the life of the person, a significant symbol in his life, an event in the life of the Namesake, and could be completely symbolic or representative. The work could be in any style, including but not limited to classic, modern, or abstract. The work was required to be executed in a drawing medium to include one or more of the following: charcoal, graphite, conte’ crayon, oil pastels, soft/chalk pastels, or pen and ink, and be executed on watercolor paper or heavy weight drawing paper.
The judges for the challenge were WA alumna Lexie Shaunak, former WA art teacher Michael Carter, and professional artists Kevin Hull and Stephanie Corder. They evaluated the works of art based on the following criteria:

Artist’s Statement:
How well does the artist explain the significant of the piece to the Namesake?

Is the medium consistent with the instructions and appropriate for what the artist was trying to convey?

Subject Matter:
Is the subject matter a consistent and accurate representation of the Namesake? Does it communicate what the artist says it does?

Is the composition well-executed, compositionally balanced, neat, in final form, well-presented, well-conceived; is the symbolism correct? Does the work appear to be the work of the artist?

The winner was named Boniface House, 2nd place went to Becket House, 3rd place was Columba house and 4th place Athanasius. The winning house received 125 points, 75 points were given for second place, 50 points for third place, and 25 points for fourth place.