Colonial Times Come to Life at Revolution and Reels Celebration

To mark the culmination of their studies of the British Colonies in America and The War for Independence, the Westminster fifth grade classes recently held their “Revolution and Reels Colonial Celebration.” The students have been steeped in colonial times during their history lessons and while reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Johnny Tremain for the last several months. During their studies, the students learned The Statement of Natural Rights from The Declaration of Independence along with learning about popular culture during the colonial era. In order to bring these lessons to life, Kenny Shackleford taught the fifth graders several dances from colonial times, including two reels and one wheel-style dance. During the celebration, students dressed in traditional colonial-style costumes and processed through a formal receiving line, which included Mr. Janikowsky and Mrs. Frazier, where they also performed their recitation of The Statement of Natural Rights. The dances and receiving line are precursors to the protocol program, which the students will formally begin in seventh grade, but which includes social skills and manners that are emphasized from the youngest grades at Westminster. Another great example of classical education at play in our Grammar School!