Fourth Graders Delight in “Happily Never After”

The fourth-grade students at Westminster Academy recently performed a rousing rendition of Happily Never After, written by our very own Elizabeth Peckham. While it was entertaining and enjoyable to watch, the play was about more than just a fun morning for the students. “The fourth-grade play is a wonderful opportunity to sharpen the students’ rhetoric skills,” said fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Culp. “This play was training ground for what’s to come in the years ahead. Persuasive speaking skills and both verbal and nonverbal expression which include clear articulation, proper volume, purposeful gestures, movement, and facial expressions are taught during this time. In addition, the play provides for growth in self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and even fluency and comprehension skills.”

Also, as Mrs. Frazier pointed out in her introduction, the play gives a great opportunity to convey truth in a relatable way. “It is amazing how drama, fiction, and humor can relate truth, so watch for those lessons during the play,” she instructed the audience.

While all of the educational benefits are important, it is also a highlight of the year for many of the fourth-grade students. “I am so glad we got to do Happily Never After,” said fourth grader Layla Nagem. “It was really fun to watch everyone become their character during the play.”

The play is a great tradition that many students look forward to each year. Next year, the students will perform a version of Robin Hood, which is written in rhyming couplets.

Copies of the performance are available for purchase ($5) through the front office.