Westminster Movers and Shakers

Westminster Academy students and alumni have been awarded some impressive honors over the last several weeks, and we think you should know!

Matthew Miller, 2012 graduate of Westminster, has been awarded a National Science Foundation 2017 graduate research fellowship placement.  This highly competitive process had over 13,000 applicants and selected only 2,000.  Matthew has been working on his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas in Austin.

Charles Reneau, a 2014 graduate, has been given a 4-year Naval ROTC scholarship at The University of Mississippi.

Kate Johnston is currently doing global mission work on a World Race gap year.

Kate Johnson, who graduated last year, has been accepted to Westmont. She will begin classes after returning from the World Race Gap Year where she has been serving as a missionary in countries around the globe.

Junior Andrew Robinson was recently selected to take part in the Science Scholars of Tomorrow program at St. Jude. He spent a day hearing lectures from some of the top doctors at St. Jude and interacting with the state-of-the-art technology used on campus.

Andrew Robinson was among the students selected to participate in the St. Jude Science Scholars of Tomorrow program.

And finally, Junior Laurel Marten, has been accepted to a summer program at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) where she will attend college-level classes and receive 10 credit hours for her time at the month-long course.

Congrats to these incredible students on their outstanding achievements!