Westminster Hosts Pastor Brunch and Rhetoric Challenge

Westminster students wrote personal letters to their pastors inviting them to attend a special brunch at the school. During the gathering, Headmaster Ralph Janikowsky spoke on the merits of a classical Christian education, explaining how and why the faculty of Westminster approaches education in this unique way. He went on to explain that one of the goals is to form a partnership with churches and families, so that together they can raise up the next generation of faithful, church-going believers.

The pastors were able to observe some of the fruits of a classical Christian education as they went on to attend the Upper School Rhetoric Challenge. Rhetoric plays a vital role in classical education, and its foundations are taught from the earliest years at Westminster. This week, Upper School students participated in the Namesake Rhetoric Challenge, which is one of four challenges issued by the houses each year. The goals of the challenges are to build overall culture, create history and tradition within the houses, and to promote healthy competition among the houses. Other challenges throughout the year include drama, art and writing.

Louise Klinke presents her oral speech on the origins of The Columba House name.
Louise Klinke presents her oral speech on the origins of the Columba House name.

The Columba house issued the Namesake Challenge to the Upper School houses, which called them to give an oral presentation about the origins of their house names. Up to three students could write the challenge for each house; however, only one student was selected to give the presentation in front of judges, fellow students, faculty members and local pastors. Louise Klinke presented for Columba House, Jake Hickman for Becket House, Ellen Weaver for Boniface House, and Addison Furst for Athanasius House. This year’s judges were class of 2000 graduate Michal Isabell and Walker Kinney, son of Upper School teacher Greg Kinney. The panel declared Jake Hickman of Becket House to be the winner of this year’s challenge and awarded 125 points to the house for the win.