New Piano Lab Enhances Westminster’s Music Program

The new piano lab at Westminster Academy is open and ready for action! 7th and 8th graders will now have the benefit of hands-on experience in the new Yamaha Classroom Keyboard Lab installed by Circle Music. Mrs. Statom requested the lab as a means to teach applied music as part of her music appreciation classes, and she says, “The piano is (in my opinion) the best instrument for teaching the basics, plus it will reinforce all of the skills and knowledge used by the kids who participate in our choir program. It should be a really good educational tool all the way around.”

Mrs. Statom incorporates the new equipment into her lesson
Mrs. Statom incorporates the new equipment into her lesson.

After getting approval for the space, faculty cleared the room, painted and prepped for the installation, which took place in early August. The classroom features 16 student keyboards, each equipped with headsets and benches, as well as a teacher’s keyboard and a master control panel. The headsets allow students to each play separate pieces without interfering with one another. The instructor is able, through the control panel, to listen in on individual players and speak to them one-on-one through their headsets.