Robin Hood: A Play That’s Good!

You know the tale of the man in green,
The greatest hero who’s ever been:
Robin, who stole gold and more
To feed and clothe and aid the poor.

Now the tale of his bravery and derring-do
Is by Mrs. Peckham writ anew
As a play performed by the classes of Culp and Wells,
I hope you saw it, it went so well!

robin hood 12

Performing in the play is such a highlight of 4th grade, and students remember the experience for years. During rehearsals, students learn to conquer their fear and put the needs of the show over their personal comfort. They discover hidden talents in their friends and in themselves. They find a freedom to laugh at themselves as they explore different movements. So many interpersonal skills are developed through the show, as well as academic improvements in reading and speaking.

I hope you were able to come this morning and see the beautiful sets designed and created by Matt Carner, Lindsey Ozier, and Stephanie Phillips. We cannot thank them enough for the time and creative energy that went into the production. Congratulations to all of the cast, to Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Culp, and to Mrs. Peckham!

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