WA Loves Reading!

What an incredible night of fun we had at Barnes and Noble!

From 6:00-8:00 p.m. on the 25th, so many WA families turned out for the Book Fair! LS teachers read their favorite books on the stage in the children’s section. Students went on a scavenger hunt to get teacher initials on a raffle entry card. Mrs. Dougherty and about a hundred students chalked the pavement. Parents and grandparents perused boxes full of books from teacher wish-lists. Mrs. Turner signed copies of her books Sway and Circa Now. 9th graders drank coffee and cheered on those LS students who won prizes from the raffles. More than one student was startled to see a live snake demonstration, but many ended up with snakes wrapped around their necks like necklaces! Mrs. Hickman rocked the tattoo station.

20150825_191831bookfairbookfair jedi

A full two-thirds of Westminster LS students came! What a fun night to be together!

How generous our WA families are! The boxes of teacher requests were brimming when I arrived for the evening, but by the end some boxes were completely empty! The Latin room is excited to add more volumes to the fun Roman Mysteries series, which follows Flavia, a Roman tween, and her friends as they solve mysteries all over the Roman Empire. Thank you to Lainey and Sarah for the donations!


If you weren’t able to make it but still want to support WA, enter our Event ID (11669405) on the purchase page at barnesandnoble.com for a 10% donation from the sales up to $2,000 and 15% over $2,000.