Theology III First Quarter Covenant Timeline Project

The main project in Theology III for Fall Quarter was our Covenants Timeline. The students worked either alone or in pairs, and each individual/pair selected one biblical covenant to present to the class. For each covenant, the students described its mediator, its promises, and its ordinances/institutions.

From left to right: Lincoln Atnip and Noah Collins (Adamic Covenant), Katie Hansen (Noahic Covenant), Charles Reneau and Isaac Jones (Abrahamic Covenant), Abby White (Mosaic Covenant), Hope Howard (Davidic Covenant), Jessica Poovey and Elizabeth “Biz” Renshaw (New Covenant).
From left to right: Hannah Sturman (Adamic Covenant), John Garrett (Noahic Covenant), Turner Peckham and Gil Brandon (Abrahamic Covenant), Georgianna Wells and Allison Shaunak (Mosaic Covenant), Kate Johnston and Julianne Jorgensen (Davidic Covenant), Sarah Wukash and Jane Bradford “JB” Wickliffe (New Covenant).