The Neuhaus Reading Program

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The Neuhaus Reading Program

Neuhaus is the reading and phonics curriculum recently introduced into the Grammar School. After realizing that 15-20% of all grammar school students struggle to read, Westminster administration recognized a need to address the trend without straying from the roots of a classical curriculum. Once the school identified the need for a change, Neuhaus provided a great fit while meeting the needs and goals of our curriculum guidelines.

 “The strength of the Neuhaus program is that, while it provides all students a comprehensive understanding of the skills needed for reading, it also enables teachers to confidently identify gaps or specific skills struggling readers lack and guides them in planning remediation so that no student falls too far behind his or her peers.”
–Debbie Fraizer

Neuhaus also follows the classical methods of teaching by allowing students to discover, question, and examine the keys to reading, instead of just having teachers download information. It allows students to reproduce the skills to be learned in their own minds, with continual review and application.The curriculum uses a multi-sensory approach, which helps every kind of learner reinforce the material through auditory, visual and kinesthetic movement incorporated into every lesson, every day.

As the student progresses through the grades, the Neuhaus curriculum advances with them. In 4th-6th grade, the emphasis is on developing comprehension strategies and metacognitive skills.