Uniform Policy

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Uniform Policy

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We ask that parents and students support a manner of dress that is neat, clean, and modest, and reflects the classical, Christian, and scholarly image of Westminster Academy. The following principles should guide our thinking about and choice of attire: 

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As we seek to invest in each other, our actions, words, and attire should support a school culture that requires a decreasing level of oversight as we grow older. We desire for our students to respect and appreciate the standards that knit us together in Christian community. This prevents a culture of rules, regulation, and oversight diminishing the purpose of wearing uniforms and ultimately resulting in loss of freedom that we have in Christ. This is the freedom to do what we “ought” to do to His glory, in grace filled transformational culture. 

To download the updated 2018-19 school year uniform policy, click here 2019-2020 Uniform Policy (ALL)

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Our actions, words and attire should…

  • Point to the Lord that we serve
  • Display a heart of both modesty and humility.
  • Seek to reflect respectful conformity to our biological gender
  • Not seek to exalt the outward beauty of the individual student, but rather seek to invest in building relationships with all other students and show them the love of Christ
  • Reflect respect toward each other and those in authority over us

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